More things I’ve been doodling while I haven’t had internets

- fem!Steve/Tony
- Chipp Zanuff/Tei Sukone
- male!Raven
- fem!Beast Boy

so i guess this is goodbye, huh?

nah. it’s see you later. i still owe you a gyro.

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"A cup of coffee is how much?!"

Cap3 Working Title:

Captain America: Steve Rogers Vs Inflation

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The other day I went to the comic book shop with some buddies, and I was so excited to maybe see some Kamala Khan issues.

So I asked the guy working up front about the new Ms. Marvel comics and he gave me this very confused stare. He then asked me if I could follow him to the back.

I was sweating bullets, I was so nervous. He asked me the name again, and I repeated Kamala’s name. His co-worker took out his phone and looked her up. I was so shaken because I’d assumed they knew who she was and the awkwardness when they both looked at me while the other read from Kamala’s wiki was the weirdest experience.

I felt my face flush hot, but both the guys smiled at me and said they were happy to learn about another superhero ; u ;